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Vic's Bass Lessons

Music Tutor, teaching music fundamentals and music theory, as well as playing technique, for bass guitar, acoustic guitar, and electric piano.

Free initial consultation (Bass, Piano, & Guitar Lessons)





Learning to play Bass Guitar, Acoustic Guitar or Piano? Or thinking about taking up music lessons but not sure where to start? Or perhaps you're a beginner simply feeling stuck in a rut and looking for someone with more experience to help take your playing to a higher level? Then give this a try... 1 or 2 hour sessions with a 30-yr music veteran. Beginner to Intermediate levels; ABRSM or Trinity College Levels 1 through to 5.

Regardless of your skill-level, making good musical progress is very dependent on developing a solid foundation of musical skills and musical knowledge. Together we'll explore creative ways to help you develop and nurture the essential foundations of music. On the other hand, I can help immensely to accelerate your rate of growth and progress if you've already been on the learning journey for a while.

Flexible in terms of times and location... yours or mine.

How to learn the notes on your BASS guitar:

Start by working on memorizing the notes at the fret markers at the very least. Make it a point to work on at least the first three fret markers, for starters:
E string = G A B
A string = C D E
D string = F G A
G string = A# C D
...notice how with the exception of A#, these correspond to all the white notes on a Piano.
Then over time with regular practice you'll start to subconsciously fill in the in-between notes. Remember that the whole fretboard just repeats after the 12th fret. Remember also that the top 2 (thinner) D & G strings are exactly the same as the bottom 2 (thicker) E & A strings, but just two frets further forward - i.e. Octaves!

TIP: Yes, it's totally easy to use octave patterns (together with cross-string 5-fret, 7-fret repetitions) to skip and jump to anywhere on the neck, so why not memorize the note names as you go along?!
Also remember that a standard Bass guitar is tuned in fourths, E A D G (which is like the Circle-Of-Fifths backwards!) Interesting trivia: This is the complete reverse of how a Violin is tuned i.e. Violins are tuned in Circle-Of-Fifths order.

Very important: if you haven't already done so, make sure to memorize the Circle-Of-Fifths, forwards and backwards, this knowledge is crucial, regardless of what instrument you play.
A musician not having in-depth knowledge of the the Circle of Fifths is like a Physicist or Chemist not having very good working knowledge of the Periodic Table Of Elements! i.e. It. Is. Absolutely. Essential. !!!

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