Vic's Formula One Corner - Grand Prix 4 Utilities

These are some of the utilities that will greatly enhance your thrill from
the classic F1 racing simulation, GRAND PRIX IV by Geoff Crammond & Microprose.
Some are thoroughly indispensable!!!
NOTE : that this page is just a sample of what is available. There are far more comprehensive listings at some of the other sites linked at the bottom of this page.

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GPI Browser , GP4 master , GP4 2006 Performance , GPxPatch , GP4 Track Editor , GP Carset Creator , GP4 Tweaker, F1 TWEETS

Original GP4 PC Manual

GP4 retro 2012 MOD - My customization of GP4's original liveries to lightly mimic the 2012 through to 2020 F1 seasons, while staying faithful to Geoff Crammond's original .GP4 car shapes and skin templates within the sim.

Very Simple & Easy Install. The only other (optional) tweak you may possibly wish to do is using Lo2k's Team Editor to adjust steering and helmet positions.

Classic GP4 cars with creative and imaginative adaptations of modern F1 liveries:
GP4 CarSet Update
download the free car sets & menu art, here... >> Vics-One-Drive

Menu Art + Grid Cars for the 2018 carset.
You can import the .tga files into GP4, using Lo2k's GPI Browser.
  2019 Driver Menu Art + Grid Cars:

The Ultimate (Newbie) GP4 Guide v1.21

The gp4central web site (sometimes offline) covers two different ways to correctly install GP4...

Option 1 - Using your original CD

  Get the Install CD for Grand Prix 4 here >>
  1. Install GP4 from your CD or ISO
  2. Install the Official v9.6 patch
  3. Replace GP4.exe with the Decrypted No-CD GP4.exe
  4. Run the game and configure graphics / sound, then exit
  5. Install GPxPatch by SDI Utilities
  6. Run the game again

IMPORTANT! It is recommended to install (or extract) GP4 to your Home directory, not the default Program Files directory.

IMPORTANT! The first time you play GP4, you will be prompted to configure the graphics and sound. After this is completed, you should exit the game, and then restart it.

Option 2 - Download the GP4Central Grand Prix 4:

Download Grand Prix 4 here >>

The GP4Central version of GP4 is already patched with the Official v9.6 patch, the Decrypted No-CD exe and the latest version of GPxPatch. You just extract it, and play!

Remember to restart the game after configuring your graphics and sound (see step 4 above).

See also: How to install GP4 Cars >>

Team Editor 3.5

For editing some of the games settings, Cameras, Tyres, cars and drivers performance, Team Menu art graphics, and much much more... (used to be available at, which is now offline).
WARNING: be careful when using this util in conjunction with GP4 Tweaker, because the settings from both programs can often conflict with one another in very unpredictable and very unpleasant ways!

Made by Duffer & Lo2k

Decrypted-GP4 :

This decrypted GP4.EXE version is required by the many GP4 utilities, such as GP4edit.

Made by John Doe


GPI Browser :

GPI Browser is quite self-explanatory, it imports/exports menu images into/from GP4 and gives you functions to save and load 32bits (non RLE) .tga files to replace original images.

Made by Laurent Rousseau (Lo2k)


Official GP4 9.6 patch.7z :

This is the Official v9.6 patch version which includes fixes to several bugs in the initial release of GP4: includes AI improvements, physics Improvements (improving increased over/understeer effects of damage and decreased slipstreaming effects), and more compatibility for steering wheels.

Made by Microprose


ZaZ Tools: with Carset Manager :

- CSM 1.26 Beta (Car Set Manager)
- TSM (Track Set Manager)
- Slimtex
- Easywad

Made by Zaz

GP4 Builder :

GP4Builder is the latest tool to edit Grand Prix 4 game 3D objects. From tiny objects like helmets to complete new tracks, this tool lets you rebuild everything, changing textures and previewing all changes in realtime.

Made by Laurent Rousseau aka Lo2k

G4 2006 Performance Package

With this pack, You can easily update GP4 performances of drivers and cars to the current F1 season, including failures and pit stops data.

Made by Nicola Acciarri

GP4 Master :

With the full version of this editor you can edit practically everything in GP4, contains features not seen in other programs such as editing menu backgrounds and menu texts! A must download!

Made by Sven Mitlehner


GPxPatch v4.44 :

The GPxPatch is a real-time extension system for GP4. It patches GP4 at run-time to change several aspects within the game and to add functionality of its own. This means it can change and extend GP4's display for example, or how GP4 saves hotlaps. Includes a track manager, extended save games, screenshot key, an in-game log viewer, 'gp3split' and more. My absolute favourite is the real-time telemetry Timing and Scoring on-screen display, just like the live F1 broadcasts on telly!!!

Made by Rene Smit

Wad Updater 3.4

Tool created to solve problems with encapsulated files in wads and especially with track wads. In that way, it can quickly update any number of files in one or all track wads.
- Extract selected/all files from a wad
- Create new wads from a selected folder
- Update one wad or all track wads any number of files
- Batch files auto-updating through scripts

Made by Lo2k


GP4 Track Editor

With track editor you can make your own tracks and modify existing tracks, such as changing textures, kerbs and black flags.

Made by Paul Hoad

GP Carset Creator

An editor for changing the team settings with support for the cars, cockpits, pit crew and helmets.

Made by John Walton

FS Screen (26k)

Enables you to easily and quickly capture screens in GP4 without pausing the game! Just load the program before running GP4.

Made by Matthias Holzer

GP4Tweaker (26k)

Enables you to update many parameters within the game, too numerous to mention all, but examples are: adjust steering positions, adjust wheel positions, disable black flags, modify circuit laps, modify tyre grip levels, modify camera positions, etc., etc., Just load the program before running GP4 to make your changes, your settings are then saved to an .ini file which is then used by the game in real time.
WARNING: be careful when using this util in conjunction with Team Editor, because the settings from both programs can often conflict with one another in very unpredictable and very unpleasant ways!

Made by MADman




Screen shot from GRAND PRIX IV

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