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Falcon 4.0 (F16 Fighting Falcon) Keyboard Commands

Inside View Commands, Outside View Commands, View Controls, Throttle Controls, Fire Control Computer Controls, Bombing Controls, Fire Control Radar, Game_Commands, Basic Radar Commands,
Aircraft Controls, Navigational Controls, MFD Commands, HUD and Cockpit, ICP Commands, Threat Warning System, Radio Commands, FalconBMS Keyboard

Original Falcon 4.0 PC Manual

Inside View Commands

HUD Only View
2-D Cockpit View
Virtual Cockpit View
Padlock View
Extended FOV View
Toggle Situational Awareness bar
Padlock previous object Numeric Keypad
Padlock next object Numeric Keypad
Glance forward Numeric Keypad
Glance backward Numeric Keypad

Outside View Commands

Satellite View 
Action View
Tracking View
Enemy View
Incoming view
Weapon View
Weapon's Target View 
Friendly View
Friendly Ground Unit View
Chase View
Flyby View
Orbit View

View Controls

Move View Up Numeric Keypad
Move View Down Numeric Keypad
Move View Right Numeric Keypad
Move View Left Numeric Keypad
Zoom In Numeric Keypad
Zoom Out Numeric Keypad
Look-Closer Toggle
Night Vision Goggles

Throttle Controls

Increase Throttle
Decrease Throttle
Full afterburner
Throttle to idle
Throttle up 10%
Throttle down 10%
Toggle speed brakes
Open speed brakes
Close speed brakes
Wheel brakes

Fire Control Computer Controls

Fire gun
Pickle/release weapon
Cycle A-A weapons hardpoints
Cycle A-G weapons hardpoints
Cycle through missile hardpoints
Dogfight mode
MRM mode
Cancel missile mode
Cycle FCC submodes

Bombing Controls

Increase ripple count
Decrease ripple count
Increase ripple interval
Decrease ripple interval
Drop bombs in pairs
Drop bombs in singly
Increase CBU altitude
Decrease CBU altitude

Fire Control Radar Controls

Lock previous target 
Lock target on nose
Lock next target
Designate next target Numeric Keypad
Radar return to search Numeric Keypad
Cycle A-A radar modes
Cycle A-G radar modes
Cycle radar submodes
Change radar azimuth scans
Change radar bar scans
ACM boresight submode
ACM 30x20 submode
ACM slewable submode
ACM vertical submode
Freeze GM radar picture
Toggle GM radar snowplow
Maverick FOV
Uncage seeker head

Game Commands

Exit Sim
Freeze mode
Accelerate time
Maximum accelerate time
Sound toggle
Smoke toggle
Toggle labels
Toggle far labels
Take screenshot

Basic Radar Commands

Decrease radar range
Increase radar range
Decrease radar gain
Increase radar gain
Tilt radar antenna down
Center radar antenna
Tilt radar antenna up
Radar standby
Move radar cursors up
Move radar cursors down
Move radar cursors left
Move radar cursors right
Reset radar cursors

Aircraft Controls

Rudder left
Rudder right
Chaff/flare auto toggle
Landing Gear
Jettison selected weapons
Jettison all weapons
Toggle ACMI
Toggle aircraft lights
Manual pitch override

Navigational Controls

Cycle navigation modes
Next steerpoint
Previous steerpoint
Decrease HSD range
Increase HSD range

MFD Commands

Cycle bottom left MFD
Cycle upper left MFD
Cycle bottom right MFD
Cycle upper right MFD
Cycle SMS pages

HUD and Cockpit Controls

Declutter HUD
HUD scales switch
Change HUD color
Instr mode selector switch
Kneeboard page
Master caution light

ICP Commands

ICP Enter button Numeric Keypad
ICP Enter button Numeric Keypad
ICP F-ACK Numeric Keypad
ICP T-TILS Numeric Keypad
ICP Datalink Numeric Keypad
ICP Cruise mode Numeric Keypad
ICP Steerpoint Numeric Keypad
ICP Mark Numeric Keypad
ICP COM1 button Numeric Keypad
ICP COM2 button Numeric Keypad
Decrease ALOW
Increase ALOW
Previous ICP button Numeric Keypad
Next ICP button Numeric Keypad

Threat Warning System Controls

Priority button
Search button
Low button
Unknown button
Target Seperate button
Naval button

Radio Commands

AWACS radio command
Wingman radio command
Element radio command
Flight radio command
Tower radio command
Tanker radio command
Radio wilco
Radio unable
Change radio channel
Chat in multiplayer

Falcon BMS Keyboard Layout


Other Links: Falcon 4.0 official patch 1.08us, F14 Fleet Defender, GP4 UTILITIES & LINKS, Driver Links, 2019 Calendar, 2019 Drivers  

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